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2ndary Cities

Of Interest:

Most if not all of these cities don't have a murder rate high enough to be on the primary list. When a spike occurs they could be transferred for a city that's been pretty quiet for awhile or simply added to the primary list. There's cities being tracked that don't appear anywhere here. There's cities that will be dropped before the year ends.

Murder Rate. This is a math formula that puts cities of all sizes on the same level. The number of murders divided by the population multiplied by 100,000 gives the murder rate per 100,000. You can skip the multiplying by 100k and just move your decimal point two places. You'll see that as soon as you do it a few times.

Nov. 1, 2017
These are the cities currently being tracked:
Akron Columbus Kansas City Nashville Warren, Oh
Baton Rouge Dayton Little Rock Oakland
Boston Hartford Milwaukee OK City
Buffalo Indianapolis Mobile Richmond
Cincinnati Jacksonville Montgomery Trenton
2018 - Boston may be dropped. It's the only single digit murder rate in 2017.